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Online training / elearning is a vital training opportunity for anybody needing to learn the skills of Lean Six Sigma, but who has pressures on time and cost. We offer the only UK based Lean Six Sigma courses available on the market.  So if you want to have relevant and UK based online training these are the courses for you.  We believe that any serious Lean Six Sigma company should have this offering.  More info.


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Online Lean training courses

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Online Six Sigma training courses

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Online Lean Six Sigma training courses

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Lean Six Sigma Online Training | Online Six Sigma Training Courses

Online training / e-learning is a vital element in many companies and individuals training requirements.  With the pressure on time and cost, learning Lean Six Sigma skills online is essential for many companies.  Our full complement of Lean Six Sigma courses, Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt offer massive benefits including:-

  • 75% cheaper training than open courses
  • Identical materials and quality of training as our open courses
  • Materials delivered by internationally recognised Master Black Belts – it’s just like being in an open class room UK voices and examples (View our trainers)
  • Full internationally recognised certification which follows best practise certification processes
  • Ability to certify using our case studies no need for your own projects
  • Your own dedicated Master Black Belt to provide email support
  • Over £400 worth of Bonus materials including Minitab guides, articles, links and ebooks  see more detail
  • Click here for other benefits (Why use us?)

Why learn Lean Six Sigma, online?

Our online Lean Six Sigma Training courses, provide you with the same materials, downloads and modules as you would find in our open training courses but at around 75% cheaper than standard open courses.  All Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training courses are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. Not only that, but you obtain the benefits of online learning such as; Click for more.

What our customers are saying:

White Belt Online

I could not fault your course and it provided me with an extremely useful insight into Lean and Six Sigma. I found the course content extremely easy to follow and the interface was very user friendly. Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for providing me with the opportunity to study the course online and for free.

Star reviewStar reviewStar reviewStar reviewStar review

Matthew T

Green Belt Online

I found the course very useful. The course is well structured and materials are very adequate. The explanation of each lecture is very clear. The course combines lecture, quiz, course works and even training on Minitab which is essential to equip the students with the necessary skills in the practical world. Highly recommended to anyone who has little or no Lean Six Sigma experience.

Star reviewStar reviewStar reviewStar reviewStar review

Chee-Binn S

Yellow Belt Online

Fantastic course, covered all the basics that I wanted to learn about. Easy to understand, well presented slides. Would recommend it to anyone for a start of project management career.

Star reviewStar reviewStar reviewStar reviewStar review


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